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Customer 1

The car made 270 whp and 220 tq at about 13.35psi.m, but with the head on it now, man, that sucker screams a lot better..spools roughly about 60-800 rpm's sooner than before, tires are screeching even on a 2nd gear roll, made my car actually idle better as well. This was well worth it for the money.  Two thumbs way up for for Performance Porting!

Customer 2

I just received the PnP z6 head and intake manifold last night and looked it over today.  It looks great!  You've port matched the end of the intake manifold, I'd say, about 3-4 inches inward, plus the gasket face is cleaned.  The valve cover looks great' I'll just leave it sand blasted.  Thanks for including the Vtec solenoid.  And true to your word, the studs are new! Much appreciated.

The head work was VERY well done.  For intake and exhaust ports, they are very smooth when felt with a finger, and where the flow meets or diverges, it's very sharp and clean.  It noticed that you cleaned up the combustion chambers too.  The interior valve works, cam, lifters, etc were spotlessly clean.  Amazing.  Oh, yeah, you also cleaned both gasket faces, for intake and exhaust sides.

Thanks for the T-shirt and stickers!  I'm also impressed with your packaging - very secure and padded.

I know you've posted a bunch of great photos of every step my Z6 head's gone through, but seriously, the pictures don't do your work justice!  this is truly "see it to believe it."  I'm VERY impressed. 

Great job, Performance Porting!


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